Welcome to Shilltown our fellow Crypto enthusiasts. If you have found your way to this page, then we guess you’re asking yourself, who are we, why we built the site and what the site is for? Well let’s take a little walk down memory lane as our journey started in 2012.


Who are we?

Chris & Mat are our names, and we’ve been involved in varying capacities in Cryptocurrency since 2012. Originally trading in Forex, one day Mat flicked Chris an article in regards to Bitcoin. Both being loveable nerds, both were intrigued to what this new thing was. How does it work? Digital Money? What???? Next thing you know, we had fired up some miners and we were cranking out these digital coins. This was the beginning of something amazing, and still to this day, we believe this journey with Cryptocurrency has only just started.

Together, we’ve been part of several projects, some successful, some not. We’ve had our fair share of loses and wins. Some losses have been silly moonshots. Some have been selling to early and missing that moonshot! Cough HTML Cough (yes we missed out on banking $7mil). Unfortunately as well, some have been stopped by legal issues in Australia.

shilltown-owner-chrisBut we’ve had enough wins to get media attention. Chris was filmed by Australia’s “60 minutes” programme, shopping for his beloved yacht. Mat is a little more camera shy, so was behind the cameras watching Chris have his deserved moment.

Nevertheless we have seen crypto rise and fall more times than we can count on one hand. We’ve ridden the bull markets and went into panic in bear markets. We’ve lived through the Mt. Gox hack, plus countless other exchanges! Big Vern was once our idol running Cryptsy, but low and behold he fell victim to a “hack”. Boom, Cryptsy was gone.

The last 6 years has provided us with a profound knowledge of Cryptocurrency and markets. We want to pass on all our knowledge.


Why we built this site?

To put simply, we want to help our fellow Crypto friends. Ever heard of DYOR (Do your own research)? Unfortunately there are many people out there, that are really just out there for themselves. So we wanted to provide a place for everyone, from absolute beginner to advanced.

The more knowledge surrounding cryptocurrency the better. If you’re reading this, you’re potentially already involved in crypto to some degree. We hope an amount you are comfortable with! If not, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

We have 22 guides for crypto-noobs that are absolutely FREE. These guides range from absolute beginner trader and progress into advanced courses. As we build our Shilltown Community with you all, we will continuously add new guides, dependent on viewers choice.

Secondly, we built this site in the hopes that it will reach enough people that crypto will spread, become a success and not be monopolised by a few. Crypto for the people!

Thirdly, once educated a little more you find yourself asking “How is it everyone is always talking about a coin that I’ve never heard of until it’s too late?” We are hoping to help a lot with this question and is why we hope you will visit our site every day as part of DYOR. This brings us to….


We introduce you to SHILLED 100, which can be found on our homepage.We are releasing our indicator that we have used countless times in our trading strategies, to the public. SHILLED 100, is our custom built twitter scrapper. We have over 2000+ coins/tokens in our database that we have built up over time. We grab the data of $text, and @mentions which is then totalled and ranked highest to lowest. This means you get to see what is being shilled on Social Media at any given time.

Therefore you’re able to stay with the trend and hopefully get in on the action with everyone else instead of a week later when someone’s sending you their Blockfolio screen cap of the gainz they just made.


What’s this Site for?

Shilltown is your one stop shop for all you Cryptocurrency resources. Learn how to trade Cryptocurrency and keep up to date with the latest news surrounding the industry.

Three main reasons why we wanted to fire this site up;

  1. To keep you up to date,
  2. To keep you educated
  3. and hopefully to get you you’re own yacht someday!

So that about wraps it up from us! Enjoy, learn, and continue to DYOR!


Welcome to Shilltown!

Chris & Mat.

If you have questions check out our guides and if you’re still lost, shoot us an email or message our Facebook Page – Shilltown.

P.S. We go by the pseudonyms, Bigpoppa/burgerboycrypto and Terredel, and we may have crossed paths at one time or another in Slack/Discord/Telegram/Reddit.