Cryptopia Hacked – Making off with $37.80

Well it’s the age old lesson we all learn when trading crypto – if you don’t own your Private Keys, you don’t own your Crypto. Unfortunately for some Cryptopians, they are now learning the hard way.

Cryptopia first went into maintenance mode on January 14th, stating that they were experiencing unscheduled maintenance. By golly gee, we all know what that means in the Crypto world! A potential hack. Cryptopians have been on the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation, to find out what the hell was going on.

Moving forward to present day, Cryptopia has now released another statement, confirming the fact that every Crypto Trader dreads… we’ve been hacked!

We have rough estimates that around $37.80NZD was stolen in the hack, equating to $25.84USD. More info to follow as news comes to light!

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